Diane Wallner Pauly

About Diane

Diane Wallner PaulyBecause of an abusive history Diane has spent most of her life developing a deeper understanding of personal happiness and well-being. She returned to finish high school at the age of 35, then earned her associate degree in materials management and bachelor of arts degree in business administration and psychology. Diane also studied to become an ordained minister.

She attended numerous self-growth programs/classes locally as well as around the world, including lectures, intensives, workshops, and retreats given by well-known educators.

Diane has taught spiritually-infused healing classes and lectured at such places as the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan; Mental Health Services; Wholistic Health Center; Meriter Hospital, Madison; ARC Community Services, Madison; and Sojourner Family Peace Center, Milwaukee, to name a few. She has worked with people involved with domestic violence and those who had been incarcerated in jails and prisons.

Diane currently lives in Plymouth, Wisconsin, with her loving husband David, and their two precious little doggies, Missy and Chloe.

Hi, I’d Like to Tell You a Little Something About Me:

I feel I have been given a purpose in life, I feel it as a burning desire to help those in need. When I talk to, or meet with people, I feel and understand their pain of trying to find their way. Even as a child, I was counseling friends and family; it just seems to be who I am.

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A Dream Come True:
After finishing high school, and going on to college, I had a dream of having a professional career where I could wear a suit, high heels, and drive a company car. That dream was fulfilled when I started working as an Insurance Underwriter at Heritage/Acuity Insurance Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Little did I know, once that dream was fulfilled, that my burning desire to help others would materialize.

Me a Teacher?
A real surprise that occurred was when I was inspired to create an eight-week class titled “Happiness Comes From Within.” I taught it for many years as a University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan Continuing Education class. The inspiration was clear that the class could not be ordinary, and it wasn’t. The class covered everything from birth, to death, and after. Methods used were workshops, experiential hands-on, and in-depth conversations about emotional pain. As a class, we laughed, felt fear and anger, explored our expectations and how behaviors and beliefs are developed. And the list goes on. Teaching that class lead me to teaching many other classes, of varying kinds, at many different locations in Sheboygan County, as well as Green Bay and Madison Wisconsin. The classes were very well received.

I was also blessed to be able to work with people caught up in domestic violence, or people that had been incarcerated in jail or prison. I learned so much during our sharing and deep discussion times together. We were students and teachers to each other. It’s amazing what deep honest communication can accomplish. Students in the classroom of life!

I Wasn’t Done Learning:
Ron Roth, who had been a Roman Catholic priest for 25 years, left the priesthood and started an official church of his own. He named it Celebrating Life Ministries. It was nondenominational and open to everyone. I liked that idea, it felt right.

As time passed, I decided to take the classes he offered for becoming an Ordained Minister, not to officiate over a church, but to go in deeper with own my spirituality.

Yes, I learned that I wasn’t done learning. The spiritual side of my life had to be lived and talked about too. I learned that it keeps us balanced in a good/loving way.

Life Education:
I spent most of my life developing a deeper understanding of personal growth. As part of my life education, I attended numerous self-growth events, such as: Positive Thinking; Woman Within; Assertive Training; Life Career Training; Dale Carnegie Human Relations and Public Speaking. I also attended lectures, intensives, workshops and retreats presented by local and nationally known presenters.

As part of public community services, I worked with Battered Women programs, and Court Watch for Abused Children, to name a few. Needless to say, working in those areas was a true education in and of itself.

Unexpected Travels:
I have always enjoyed and believe in doing new, fun and interesting things. Traveling to exotic locations did just that. I traveled to Brazil, India, and Costa Rica. While there I attended intensives, workshops and lectures. I traveled on horseback high into the Himalayan Mountains, walked through rain forests while watching beautiful butterflies, and monkeys swinging in the trees, and a lot more. I never expected to have such awesome experiences in parts of the world so far away from home. The people were wonderful, and the sights unbelievable, the list goes on. I came away with Growth – Love—and Peaceful Communication.

Past Jobs as Part of My Life’s Education:
I worked on organic farms, in restaurants, factories, and the corporate world — all giving me a taste of people’s everyday life and living.

Reaching Out My Hand to Those in Need:
Based on personal life experiences, self-growth events, career and travel, combined with professional education, and public service, I acquired self-growth tools to pass on to those seeking guidance.

May my life story help you to find your way. Push forward, while always remembering; You Are the Author of The Rest of Your Life.