Diane Wallner Pauly


If I ask you enough, will you remember?

There is buried within you a child that gets forgotten as the years pass. The true playfullness of our child is slowly left behind. We learn to play differently as the years of so-called adulthood would have us do. (Could drinking and drugs, among other things, be part of that change?) The true joy and excitement of life and living — where does it go? Little do we realize the importance of letting that child out to play — remember.

What have I done to my child hidden deep within my soul?
Crying, reaching out to be heard —
Let me return to my connectedness with Mother Nature,

What have I done to my child hidden deep within my soul?
Asking, always asking —
And me not listening to its deepest desire of wanting,
Oh, so wanting me to remember

The feel of wind through my hair — remember
The feel of the warm sun on my face — remember
The cool refreshing rain and its gentle touch as it caressed me — remember
The feel of water as I would jump, splash, or play in it — remember
The soft feel of grass, or the prickly feel of stones as I ran barefoot — remember

The feel of cool squishy mud as it squeezed between my toes — remember
The beauty, texture, and fragrance of flowers — remember
The sights and sounds of animals playing, and birds singing — remember
Looking at the moon, bright stars, and planets in the dark of night —

What have I done to my child — how did I forget her love for life?